Various projects ranging from educational, social upliftment to sport have been implemented on Rooipad, Alkara, Tierkop and Oranjedal over the years.  Each year projects are suggested and implemented in conjunction with the Worker Committees and various collaborators.

Housing is provided for all permanent & seasonal workers.  Investing in our people is a priority with over R6.2 million having been spent in the past 7 years expanding & improving housing.  Workers pay R140 per month for housing that includes water & is equipped with a kitchenette & bathroom fitted with a shower.  Solar power geysers providing warm water, are available.

There are two recreation halls on Rooipad and one on Oranjedal that meet the social needs of our employees and provide a place where they can spend their time wise.  The halls are equipped with television and respective sport equipment, such as pool tables, a dart board and table tennis.  The halls are used for church and social functions, as well as training – making use of the tables, chairs & data projector available.  The farm is responsible for the maintenance of the halls and improvement of the equipment.



Sport forms an integral part of our community with soccer and netball enjoying the most support.  An annual farm tournament takes place at the Rooipad sports grounds, where the teams of the various farm divisions battle it out for the title.  The workers take pride in their teams and put great effort into their preparations that include matches with  neighbouring farms.  The Rooipad & Alkara workers have a gym at their disposal.  Each person is not only healthier and fit because of the gym and sport, but it also contributes to the feeling of community and increased productivity and they spend their time in a much more constructive way.

Various opportunities have been created over the years to uplift and enable the workers to gain business skills & provide them with additional income.  One of the success stories is EcoBus, which is one of the first BEE projects started by Rooipad Farms.  This is a transport business consisting of 1 x 22 seater, 2 x 34 seater and 1 x 65 seater buses owned by the workers & management.


Needlework projects, namely “Aganang”, was initiated in 2015 to teach women new skills and to provide them with an additional income. This program is growing steadily and with great success.

Oranjedal Naaldwerk Groep  

Social projects are implemented annually in conjunction with partners.  This is to benefit the workers in their immediate environment on social, educational & economic levels.  The projects include:

  • Academic scholarships for children
  • New crèche at Tierkop
  • CAMI program
  • New clinic services on all farms
  • Gym
  • Laundry facility
  • Needlework
  • Netball pitch, soccer field & soccer pavilion
  • Recreational areas
  • Solar panel geysers
  • Sport gear
  • Water purifying system
  • In house reed-bed plant to treat farms sewage.
A crèche and after-care centre is available to the workers’ children on Rooipad.  The crèche accommodates up to 45 children between the ages of 3 months and 6 years.  Children of 6 years and older attend the local schools in the area.  They receive additional school work support with the CAMI program available at the centre.  Parents can go to work knowing their children are well looked after and that they learn and play in a safe environment.  3 children also receive scholarships to attend Augrabies Akademie. Rooipad Creche.png


Education is very important, as well as improving one’s skill set.  Various training is conducted throughout the year.  Of the courses offered are:

  • First Aid
  • Life skills
  • Maintenance of tractors
  • Plant production
  • Working with chemicals
  • Food safety
  • Leadership
  • Health and Safety

This not only teaches the workers about themselves, but increases their knowledge that provides them with the opportunity to grow in their positions and set higher goals for themselves.

Nel Brothers Social Good Practises