Amplify Africa Women’s summit Exhibit

The exhibit was held in Stellenbosch on the 5th of October 2018. The “Anganang” neeldework women were invited to do an exhibit of their proud work at this exhibit.

The “Anganang” needlework team joined the exhibit including women from all over the world, namely America.

ORPA Farm Worker of the Year 2018 Function

Several colleagues were nominated this year. They were first invited to interviews, where they covered topics relating to their particular area of expertise & in general about the farms.  The annual ORPA (Oranjerivier Produsente Alliansie) function was held on Thursday, 29 August & 2 colleagues received awards.

Admin 1st prize: Tshepo Mogapi from Alkara.

Admin 2nd prize: Brenda Swartz from Tierkop.